The Jagged Alliance 2 v1.13 mod that allows the Mod Squad's venerable (2001) "Diedranna Lives!" Mod to be run under v1.13 with most of its features and capabilities. Includes items and general advance feature set from the "Urban Chaos-1.13" and "Arulco Folding Stock" projects. Version 4.50 is fully compatible with both the "2014 Stable 1.13 Release" (7435) + JA2_113_UpdateForRelease7435_English_7609 and the most recent "Unstable" Single Click Installer (SCI): SCI_Unstable_Revision_7679_on_GameDir_2188 (December 15, 2014).

Deidranna Lives!-1.13 v4.50 Full 20141222
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