Second edition of the Cold War 1980's Defcon mod. Several changes were made to balance out the game plus add or remove certain elements to the faction setup. In 2.0 & 2.5, the Arab League now has a sea zone in the Atlantic. In 2.5, Argentina-Brazil now has a Pacific sea zone. In 2.7, USSR(W) is given a sea zone in the Indian Ocean near Ethiopia while USSR(E) is given Angola and an Atlantic sea zone. To solve a serious balance problem with India-Oceania, several cities are removed from India, plus South Africa is added to the same faction in all three mod folders. China no longer has Albania due to the 1978 Sino-Albanian Split however in Version 2.7, Somalia is added to the China faction. Several other tweaks and edits were made as well.

Defcon: Cold War 1980's Version Two Pack
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