===================== Changelog v0.1.2.4 ===================== -Game now starts in Fullscreen mode, had to do this to improve some scaling issues. -Mute shortcut added to the M key. -Game closes by pressing ESC. Gameplay: -Removed highscores for now. Will rework and add again in a later version. -Improved jumping control, should feel more natural. -Attacking is now done in an arc motion, allowing you to hit enemies higher than you. Rooms: -Timer now increases in duration the farther in you are. -Difficulty ramping went down, I want players to achieve bigger scores. -Increased Lives to 5. Monsters: -Monsters now grant a little of additional time when you kill them. -Bats now just get back a some distance instead of going all the way back. Bugfixes: -The "wall jumping" bug has been fixed. Sprite works: -Background rocks were added. -Spikes redesigned. -Floor tiles redesigned.

Death Rooms
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