Credit to panzer1b for his fix which you can find in downloads all this does is set the (at the bottom) {group {sort {class tank}} {sort {class armoredcar}} {sort {class car}} {sort time_to_aim} } to {group {sort {class tank}} {sort {class armoredcar}} {sort {class car}} {sort distance} } time to aim causes the tank to get stuck when targets keep moving or are not clearly aimed at I believe. having it set to simply distance ensures more fire. More often, I havent seen it get stuck yet. Pretty awesome. Just drag this folder over the original and overwrite or just replace that one line in the set/target/tank inc file as Ive showed you

deadly_realism V2 for AS1 & MoW Gunhang Hotfix
MeestorJeebz Author

If youre on MoW version and FX start to vanish delete these files in your mod folder

atleast until I can figure out the cause, the game will be nice and FXy again if you do should any problems arise.

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Dear MeestorJeebz

I like ur mod but when i play other mission mod (like men of war, not reinforment), i had problem, my unit will die easy with 1 shot. cant complete mission with that. Can you learn me how to disable injured will die pls? Sr bad english.!

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