Acknowledgements: Yifengostwind: Provide models, textures and icons of Knorros and Iscar's new units.Lin Kainov: A large number of skill icons and unit maps for Knorros are provided.RAT Community: Authorized and provided RAT high-quality battle map packages. ===== Introduction to the faction mechanism: Iscar also uses a unique new technology --- unit technology unit technology allows players to obtain the first level of technology points of the production building when they produce t1 units. When these technology points are accumulated You can build t2 and t3 units when you have enough. The construction of t2 units will consume technology points, and the t3 units will consume more.In addition, building t2 technology buildings will exempt some technology points, and t3 technology buildings will exempt all technology points.Flame Madman-----Iska uses fire weapons to kill the enemy, making the enemy painful and mechanical assault-----Iska's troops are highly mechanized, and their mobility

Days Stagnate v2.23

The **** is a .BIG file?

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GeneralTsingShiTao Author

?what your mean

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china language mod :( need to change to english

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