This is a bugfix mod for Dawn of War: Dark Crusade, version 1.2 or later. Originally created by Relicnews forum member "anilkocman" with the name 'Chaplain Mod', it was intended to fix an upgrade bug with the Chaplain (which prevented the Chaplain from gaining melee damage bonuses), but over several iterations turned into the most comprehensive bugfix mod available for Dark Crusade. The mod focuses only on fixing what truly appear to be bugs, mistakes or omissions without trying to modify or add other features, with one exception: it does incorporate the Skirmish AI mod (version 2.6) for Dark Crusade, thus improving computer AI.

Dawn of War: Dark Crusade Bugfix Mod v28.1
MasterReaver Author

This should fix a major SCAR error bug in the Necron Stronghold when you're playing as the Imperial Guard (which was introduced in the bugfix mod v27).

Also includes some dialogue fixes for the Chaos stronghold mission (re-adding dialogue that previously didn't play) courtesy of Arphenior.

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