This is a bugfix mod for Dawn of War: Dark Crusade, version 1.2 or later. Originally created by Relicnews forum member "anilkocman" with the name 'Chaplain Mod', it was intended to fix an upgrade bug with the Chaplain (which prevented the Chaplain from gaining melee damage bonuses), but over several iterations turned into the most comprehensive bugfix mod available for Dark Crusade. The mod focuses only on fixing what truly appear to be bugs, mistakes or omissions without trying to modify or add other features, with one exception: it does incorporate the Skirmish AI mod (version 2.6) for Dark Crusade, thus improving computer AI.

Dawn of War: Dark Crusade Bugfix Mod v27

Fatal scar error at the end of the necron stronghold (after the cutscene with necrons blowing up). Unpausing did not allow me to continue. Campaign-breaking issue.

Eres narration says "space marine against space marine", text omits the "space". Or maybe vice versa.

Looks like an extra space in necron stronghold recon archive. "In the heart"

The Necron stronghold objective calls it the "Chronometry Beacon".

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Playing as Imperial Guard.

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-- Log file for all error messages related to the Scar --

Cannot place building guard_turret_heavy_bolter (blocked buffer zone)
Cannot place building necron_greater_summoning_core (blocked buffer zone)
FATAL Scar Error while running event - Execution has been paused. - EGroup with name eg_NISBuilding2 does not exist
Lua Groups.scar Ln 428 (EGroup_DestroyAllEntities)
Lua DATA:Scenarios\SP\STRONGHOLD_NECRON.nis Ln 2445 ((null))

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Switching to the unmodded version allowed me to continue, so the bug appears to be with this mod.

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These are all fairly simple fixes, so I just went through the relevant files and implemented them. I'll ask the mod author about getting a new version uploaded with this stuff.

The Scar Error is a result of the Imperial Guard's turret having a larger footprint than all the others, which is something I forgot to consider at the time. My bad.

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I have a few more, but I've only played through DC once (mainly for the campaign fluff), so I'm not completely sure about all of them.

Honor Guard units seem to randomly disappear after winning a battle, even if they survived. This happened almost every time with my Sanctioned Psyker, who I had a habit of attaching to a guardsman squad and leaving in my base.
Tried not attaching him, and he didn't disappear that time.
Might have something to do with him being inside a building when I win. Still seems to happen sometimes when he's not, though.
Could be because I attached him to a non-HG squad.
Could be both. Attached to a non-HG squad inside a building.

"Riddled with hundreds" ork stronghold archive
EDIT: seems like the site 'fixed' the intentional double space. "Riddled*with**hundreds"

"Waaaaugh" Gorgutz desc

"madicae" ork stronghold win

"Standard Technology Construct" pavonis archive

"across the system" and "attacks Kronus." do not match the narration. The latter is also just wrong. pavonis intro

Kasrkin Bodyguards (campaign command squad) do not leave footprints in snow.

Frequent vertical blood splashes.

There's a Tau unit standing inside the Communications Tower in the Tau stronghold opening cutscene.

My honor guard Hellhound became unrepairable after loading a save. Pretty sure this has happened with other vehicles too (including in Soulstorm), so it might be well-known and unfixable. I don't save and reload very often, so I wouldn't know.

The narrator skips the entire second paragraph of the Vandean Coast narration. Might not be fixable if the audio isn't available. Deleting the text just to make them match would not be worth it.

The Vandean Coast objective calls them "Manifactora". I don't know enough fake sci-fi speak to know if that's the proper plural, but I'm pretty sure it's not. I'm reasonably confident I've seen both "Manufactorums" and "Manufactora" in official material.

(Some?) First Company Veteran squads do not seem to be immune to morale on the SM stronghold map.

When selected, Epistolary Anteas (SM stronghold) is just called "Librarian". Same with the named Chaplain.

There were at least 3 Epistolary Anteas' running around at the same time in the final part of the SM stronghold.

You can still use the SM stronghold Orbital Relay building to launch orbital strikes even if the enemy takes the strategic point back. You can't click it through FoW though, so you have to get within line of sight to select the building and activate the ability. Seems awkward and possibly unintended. It would make more sense if you'd lose the ability if you lose the SP.

Mine Fields count for the Hyperion Peaks "destroy all buildings" objective. Kind of a pain in the *** to hunt down, especially if you don't have a lot of detectors.

Deimos: The passage just NW of your starting base is too small for a Baneblade, but doesn't look that way. Not a bug as such, but sort of annoying.
EDIT: Unless it's a pathing issue, I suppose.

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