===================== CONTENTS OF THE PATCH ===================== The patch includes a file called "PAK1.PAK". I fixed some content, more specifically the mystical "disappearing prisoners"-bug in DOD2_2.bsp. Some people have reported their keybindings didn't go correctly (=the way they were described in the readme.txt), and the game didn't start from the menu the way it was supposed to. Now theres new "CONFIG.CFG" and "DEFAULT.CFG", and with these files it will work, however if you have changed some key bindings already, they will be lost. BE AWARE THAT YOU CANNOT CHANGE SOME OF THE KEY BINDINGS THROUGH THE MENUS, you have to edit the .cfg file. (Don't know how? Maybe our messageboard will help). So, unless you really know what you are doing, I suggest you just overwrite your config.cfg and default.cfg, and then see below for the keybindings. I also added some ready shortcuts for Dawn Of Darkness. They are in "DoD"...

Dawn of Darkness 1.1 patch
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