With the defeat of Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Galactic Empire is left in ruins. The once Allied Imperial Leaders have turned into vicious warlords fighting over distant regions of space. Meanwhile the former apprentice of long dead Imperial traitor, Alderson, has been searching the galaxy for ancient Sith artifacts that will give him enough power to unite the imperial factions and crush the New Republic. Aboard the super star destroyer Executioner, the Dark Jedi has been held captive for two years. In that time he has been plotting revenge for the murder of Verrier and now bides his time to strike... Created with Jedi Academy and Forces of Corruption. For anyone that's interested, the final video will be premiered at Festival Arcadia in Montreal (november 9th-11th), look for the Machinima Roadshow booth. It will be released online a few days later.

Darkness Unleashed
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