ONLY DOWNLOAD IF DO NOT ALREADY HAVE V1.0 OR IF YOU REALLY CARE ABOUT SIDE QUESTS AND A NEW HOUSE! Otherwise, just DO NOT do the escort side quest in Ukami! A small, quick update fixing some problems from the previous release as well as adding some more (Minor) things.

Darkness Eternal: Jake's Tale 1.1

So I downloaded this game... it had a couple good parts but it is just bad and lazy made...

The worst part is Gold from quests does not add up, I just get a message but I don't get the Gold. Just getting the message You got 100 Gold, is not enough for the game to actually give me the Gold.

Quest items do not appear in the key items section... Even though the game worked just fine, it was weird getting the message You got ITEM X and item X is not in my Key Items list...

After Dungeon 1, the cutscene with Justine is not incorporated well, I was able to go to Rukairi, or what it is called, village to sleep, buy stuff etc. When I got back on the World Map, the Cutscene played again, so if I go to Castle Hue, and come back out, Jake gets stuck on the trees and the game freezes... I know I was not supposed to do that, but this happened anyway...

Grinding was not needed, the game was small enough, but enemies should be tougher in Dungeon 5 than in Dungeon 1. Speaking of dungeons, what was the point of those? Bonus content? But they are empty and uninspiring.. at least a Boss should be there... I never walked in Dungeons 2,3 and 4, if there was anything new in there I missed it and I am sorry for criticising...

Also, neither character was able to equip shields or axes, yet those items appeared, at one point I thought a 3rd character must come later in my party but no such thing so... why are these items existing in the game?

Also, spelling was not right in many occasions, English is not my main language but these were horrible...

The Game Plus contend got me excited at first but then I noticed I just could get to level 99... there wasn't even a cutscene with my family, as to how Jake was glad to see them again, his mother and brother wondering why he acts the way he does and his father sensing something from him..

The quest log does not always work well, at my house in New Game Plus, in my bedroom I still get the quest to check up on Justine...

I did like the falling down sprites, the screen shaking and the map scrolling after the Darkness fall onto the land, I am new in RPG maker, I use VX ACE as well, so I really want to find out how to do those as well myself.

I am sure you can either polish up the game or make a new one. If you try you can make a really good game! I am sorry for being harsh but this is my impression from the game.

Justine in the end, got me curious though, was she from another dimension? How did she know it was a game? Her biography with her father (that leads to nowhere) did not state anything on that matter! I now the dialogue was just for fun, but I would like to see Darkness Eternal: Justine's Quest!

All in all, a nice little game 1:30 hours long, but with many many flaws here and there, 4/10.

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KillerCookiezz Author

Wow, thanks man! Awesome review, appreciate it :) The game was made as a time-passer with a team of just me, so it's a pretty bad game ahaha. But thanks for putting the time into playing it and reviewing it like you did!

At this stage, updating it would be hard as I haven't used the engine in 3 years so I cant remember how to do much :P But if I ever go back to making a sequel or something, this review definitely helped with pointing out the issues to avoid them in the future :)

Thanks Again,


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