This is a build for WINDOWS 32 Bit Systems... Controls: W.A.S.D - E - Space - Escape - Shift Installation: Download Zip file, Extract to Destination, enjoy! ;3 You play as Dr.Iplier, who just found himself in the Main Menu of a crappy indie Horror game... You have to face a bunch of crap stolen from other games, and collect the most Cliche horror item... Keys... a whole lot of them too! Explore through some random dungeon, and the hall of a very narrow Pizzaria! Learn to not get scared by a bunch of random scripted jumpscares, and avoid one non animated flying monkey who will kill you if you decided to NOT move... This is a Fan-Game for the almighty youtuber: MARKIPLIER!!!!!!

Darkiplier: The "Mark" Descent... (Windows 32 Bit)

It was a lot of fun. Lol meased with my mind!

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