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This build is in the fourth version. Still in early stages of development! Feel free to Download and Play! Curse of Life is a First-Person Puzzle Adventure game in which you must complete several rituals meant to scar you both physically and psychologically. Set in a dark and mysterious Ancient Egypt, your life has been cursed and you cannot die - your consciousness just passes into another body. Will you keep the Eternal Curse or get rid of it?

Curse of Life - Testing

Thanks for releasing such an early test build. Very few devs have the guts to do so. It's nice to see the development process at such an early stage in an interactive way like this. Great atmosphere you are setting in this mysterious looking world. Look forward to more updates and especially looking forward to the day when audio starts being introduced. I hear a haunting low key ambient style music playing throughout this world.

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Long-Legged-Crow Author

Thank you very much! We are happy most people are enjoying! At the moment we are trying to solve our frame rate issues as there have been people that could't play! Once we do, we will hopefully be adding more content! Audio is also on our list ;)

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One thing I did notice is in Windows 7 64 when you start the executable a DXGI.DLL error comes up and the game wont load any further. The alpha demo of System Shock does this as well and I posted a workaround here (which also works for your demo):

Should be an easy fix for you in a later build. Look towards the bottom where it says "update" in my post. The DXGI.DLL that comes with ReShade fixes the issue, but you have to put it where the game's root exe is located.

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Long-Legged-Crow Author

Thank you so much! A few people did report this issue! This is going to be a huge help down the line. Do you have any idea why this happens? They said it only happened to them with Unreal Engine games.

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My thought is something has changed in UE4's latest build where the DirectX support has strictly focused on Windows 10 (not sure if this happens in Windows 8). I am not a developer, but I am guessing you are going to need to include some sort of detection process in your game of what OS someone is running and use the appropriate DirectX DXGI library. It's basically what I'm doing manually with my workaround. There is still an estimated 200+ million Windows 7 install base worldwide (source: ZDNet) so including Windows 7 support is still a good thing to have IMO.

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