Hello everyone! This time for my little roguelike, I’ve been focusing in enhance graphics and fixing bugs, here full release notes: BUG avoid monsters next to the player on dungeon generation BUG by Archifenix: "Players pick up and feels a lot better (+10 HP)" does not actually give you the 10 HP. There was not even a visual health bar change. BUG Found a bug by Archifenix: Finally, the README is incomplete. "CryptoRl 2 is a cave-dungeon roguelike based on Crypto setting [1], setting in a dark underterrain world full of monsters." Footnote [1] is never provided. And the word "setting" appears twice in a row. added efffect support and shake effect suggested by ArchRylen when torch is used, updated alphamap removed block trap added step indicator updated tileset following Saltgames tutorial:

CryptoRL2 - v0.10
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