This is not a full version. Previous patch included. Savegame compatible. Sorry for the early patch. This patch fixes several things which were annoying me: ai building units too slowly, anglos sometimes taking port arthur instead of hong-kong, which lead to russia taking formosa, russia winning the crimean war too often for my taste, naval ai building suboptimal fleets, ai still building dragoons and cuirassers (and keeping the ones they start with), taiping winning too often, the US going poor too often due to the mexico war, austria losing hanover and saxony as spherelings too soon and too often.

Crimeamod 1.14 patch

Keeps crashing the game. Gives this pop-up -
" File exception:
Exception in: discfile.cpp, line: 83. Description: Could not
open file: map/../mod/crimeamod/map/definition.csv "

I believe this file is currently an Excel file, as well as the "adjacencies" file. I do not know why this file won't read, it crashes during loading as soon as it begins loading the map. I have tried resaving it as a text file and couldn't make it work.
I am a pre-novice (ultra-n00b) programmer but I can follow instructions pretty well. Would love to play the mod, sounds awesome, but really can't get it to run...
Help would be appreciated

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AlexGrandi Author

are you using victoria 2 3.04 with all the dlcs? also keep in mind that this is a patch to the full version (1.12) and not the full mod.
if the issue is neither of the above, clear your document folder (only the crimeamod subfolder) and reinstall the mod. if it still doesn't work, reinstall the game, delete your documents folder and reinstall the mod.

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