Core Stratagem is a faction-packed turn-based strategy game from Urocyon Games. Build up your army, explore the map, capture cities, and conquer your enemies! Use the terrain to your advantage, steal enemy production, and earn promotions for your units in this simple-but-deep strategy game. Use the integrated Map Editor to create your own custom maps and scenarios. Customize your experience with a large array of bonuses and penalties for creating custom difficulty and challenge. The Demo includes all the new animations, AI updates, and interface improvements of the 1.1 update, but only two of the full game's six factions are enabled: the Modern Military faction and the Alternate Army faction. Furthermore, only the full version includes the constructable buildings introduced in the 1.1 update. Note: OSX Support is Beta. Please report any bugs or crashes!

Core Stratagem Demo (OSX) (Beta)

this looks BOSS

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