New COOP version of the mission with big changes for better server performance and much additions from SP version of the mission. Let me know if you have any feedback how this mission works.

COOP Whole Lotta Stratis for 1-20 (v0.80)

Why don't the SP and coop ever catch up with each other?

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SaOk Author

Its much slower to work with MP missions and the game havent been yet very stable for MP (mostly because of hackers), but now they have first version of battle-eye out (in dev-version of the game) and things look much better now. I also understood first time to look at bandwidth values when testing COOP missions. I try to get it as low I can. After first changes it was ~4000, but then tweaked more and got it to 2300-2800 for this coop version. Not sure if its enough, but a step to better. Mission will stay more demanding because of the amount of AI, but I continue working on this, hopefully making it more SP like by adding more detailed side-tasks.

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Awesome :D

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