CombatCraft is a local multiplayer game in which the player (2-4) need to kill each other. You control a colored spacecraft and you will receive damage by anything that is colored in other color. Be careful every 30 seconds the arena obstacles are released upon you! You can play by yourself or you can choose to form teams, just pick the same colors. CHASING SHOT: get the chasing shot power at the center of the map! But use it wisely, because you only gain two of them! I've tried to simulate a bit of physics so the movement feels more real. I will keep updating it. I hope you enjoy it :) The FIRST RELEASE will be soon! Share it :P Controls: KEYBOARD 1) KEYPAD 5 (SHOOT), KEYPAD 1 (ROTATE), KEYPAD 3 (ROTATE); 2) UP ARROW (SHOOT), LEFT ARROW (ROTATE), RIGHT ARROW(ROTATE); 3) U (SHOOT), H (ROTATE), K (ROTATE); 4) W (SHOOT), A (ROTATE), D (ROTATE); GAMEPAD 5) A (SHOOT), Left analog stick (ROTATE) 6) Square (SHOOT), Left analog stick (ROTATE) More info at

CombatCraft Windows
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