This is just a demo of the Movement and more. Stuff: - If you fall down , your position will set back. - You can drive arround - Custom sounds - Custom models Controls: V = Fly M = Noclip F2 = Spawn a Buggy Rules: - Dont spam (every buggy spawn will be logged and result in ban , if the server crashed , we will check the logs later ) - Be Respectfull Have fun and give a feedback of it in the main comment box

Club-Raibu V0.0.2a - Demo
Gam3rLol - - 20 comments

Can this work if you have a source game?
I don't have half life but do i need half life or can i just have a source game?

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MingeBag. Author
MingeBag. - - 30 comments

this is the source engine.
on the page at downloads you find the information.

on FAQ you find what can used for it:

if you got one of this: (Gmod/HL2/CSS/Portal/Tf2)
then you can play it.

its not the normal "Half Life" :P

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