A "Gameplay Preview" of the DMO Race... Tested, it works, even with 10 of the DMO race on a massive map. Still one or two small graphical bugs I need to iron out, if you spot them, let me know what they are so I can fix them :3 (Read more for a list of modifications)

Cliche - DMO Race v0.11a "Gameplay Preview"

So I'm guessing you need beta testers that produce feedback?

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AaeRohn Author

Umm, yes, kinda the point to alpha tests, especially alpha gameplay previews.

I need feedback to make sure I'm getting the mod right... for example:
I make a mod with no shielding, and someone notices one of the ships has a shield that I didn't notice, they tell me and I fix it...
I make a mod where the race is offensively hampered, however, many people notice that it is actually offensively the superpower, Feedback in the form of notes and suggestions would help greatly there.

I cannot do this all on my lonesome, because I made the DMO, I favor it, of course I want it to be a superpower in all ways, but I need to restrain myself from doing so, so I need feedback from everyone interested in this mod, and fellow modders who can easily spot flaws.

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seems intresting. i shall try it

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