Ever tried loading your Ironman save after trying out some mod? If you acidentally start up the game with an active mod and load your save, it's gone. Broken. Even if you quit immediately without unpausing, the game overwrites your save, and it is forever branded as non-Ironman. There is nothing you can do, you're just out of luck. This happened to me - 5 centuries down the drain (I was going for the Persistent Survivor achievement). So I created this tool to prevent if from ever happening again. The Crusader Kings II Ironman Backup Tool (CK2IBT) is a simple program that helps you take and manage backups of your Ironman saves. This allows you not only to recover a broken game, but also to save and load Ironman games as you would any other. So if you'd like to make a backup save before your son comes of age or after you gain a great trait, then this mod is also for you. Unzip in <Documents>/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod folder. See README.txt for further instructions.

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