This patch fixes most issues related to engine branch incompatibility and is designed to run using the latest "Beta" of Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer. Instructions on how to install and use it are within the archive.

City Rebellion Patch - Source SDK 2013
malortie Author

If you have any questions related to this patch, please let me know.

Criticism & suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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- Moved text message definitions from 'titles.txt'
to 'CityRebellion_english.txt' for localization purposes.

You understand things that modders can't
- person who like to translate mods into russian

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malortie Author


Indeed, I wanted to make sure that people would be able to translate it without having to recompile levels.

If you are interested and have time, then may I propose you to translate 'subtitles' to Russian, or any other language you may know?

Here are steps on how to do it:


- Go to your common/Half-Life 2/hl2/resource folder.

- Make a copy of the closecaption_<language>.txt
where <language> is the language you wish to translate.

- Copy and paste it to "CityRebellion/resource"




- Go to your common/Half-Life 2/hl2/resource folder.

- Make a copy of the 'hl2_<language>.txt'
where <language> is the language you wish translated.

- Copy and paste it to "CityRebellion/resource"

- Rename it to: 'CityRebellion_<language>.txt'


- Open up CityRebellion/resource/closecaption_english.txt
and find every line starting from: "npc_citizen_01f.abouttime"
to line: "npc_guardw.getmoving"

- Copy those lines to the new CityRebellion/resource/closecaption_<language>.txt


- Open up CityRebellion/resource/CityRebellion_english.txt
and find every line starting from: "CityRebellion_Chapter1_Title"
to line: "WH_Combine2"

- Copy those lines to the new CityRebellion/resource/CityRebellion_<language>.txt


- Translate every line I mentioned into <language>.

6. - Optional (You may skip to step 7)

- Add an environment variable VPROJECT and
give it value: <full_path>/CityRebellion
where CityRebellion contains the mod's gameinfo.txt.

- Go to your common/Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer/bin

and drag 'CityRebellion/resource/closecaption_<language>.txt'
onto captioncompiler.exe (Windows), or simply captioncompiler
on Unix systems.

- Wait for caption compiler to finish compiling the captions.

- Go your 'CityRebellion/resource' folder. There should be
a file named: closecaption_<language>.dat


- Remove VPROJECT from your environment variables. You may
leave it here for future translations if you wish.

- Send me: both closecaption_<language>.txt and
closecaption_<language>.dat (if you did step 6).

If users are interested to help providing additional translation, they are welcome. For every translation, I will update this patch and you will be credited in both description and Readme.txt for the translation.

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K, how you want me to send translations?

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malortie Author


You can send them to me via my personal e-mail, which
is on my Moddb profile page.

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I've just finished the mod. Here's what I experienced:

1. At the beginning of the 2nd part (where you're stuck in a room) it seems player spawns with a shotgun in hand, but actually it does not work. I mean, it is like you have nothing in your hand. It is actually supposed to be like that, but shotgun texture is an error I guess.

2. I could not get out of the room in 2nd part. I'm not sure if there were a puzzle, and I could not manage to solve. There is a lever which allows you to turn on electricity on a hanging cable, but I could not find any way to use that to get out of the room.

3. Standard zombies get alerted by your approach, but they just stand up and stop moving. They are hurt as you attack them and make sound, but they don't fightback.

Thank you for the patch!

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malortie Author


At this time, I am busy and unfortunately cannot look into these issues.

I would like to point out several things:

1 - Player spawning with a non-working shotgun.

I have been experiencing a few times, cases where the player was stripped from it's weapons and the weapon viewmodel would still remain drawn. If this is the case, then it would be a problem on Source SDK 2013's end.

2 - Spawn room puzzle in 2nd part.

If I remember correctly, there is a hanging wire in the room.
You need to turn off electricity (lever) and grab the wire, then
move it to the bottom of the door, in the small opening.
Then take cover while turning on electricity (lever).

3 - Zombies not attacking.

Do you see A.I disabled on the screen?
If so, open up the console and type "ai_disable 0" to make sure ai is enabled.

I do hope this will help you.


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Thank you for your interest.

I tried to do exactly what you mentioned above about getting out of the room, but it did not work for me somehow. Maybe I placed it wrong. I just used noclip and got out of there.

I did not see any message of AI Disabled while playing that part. FYI: other NPC's were acting normally. I mean, after that point, I saw a half zombie on the ground and it was moving and attacking. Therefore, I think if AI were disabled, any other NPC's would not behave regularly.

Thank you for the explanation btw.

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