EDIT: New upload, fixed a bug that caused issues when used together with other mods. First Beta release of the ChronoShaders mod. See included readme file for installation instructions. The mod is still in a Beta stage, so contact me (Chronosheep) or leave a reply if you experience any issues. Note that the improvements in this mod are mostly made to high and ultra high settings, and have little or no effect on lower graphics settings.

ChronoShaders Beta 0.51

I have to try it, very interesting! :D

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Wow this is awesome, it really looks like it will enhance the entire atmosphere of the game. I've always liked how they managed to give this game a certain feel, even though it's a C&C strategy game, the way the days have that kind of mist and slightly washed-out look always appealed to me, and these shaders seem to amplify that.

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