**DISCLAIMER: I am not the original creator of this mod. I did not receive permission to make these adjustments, but I give full credit to Amuys for his efforts.** This mod improves the rewards and stats given by magical sites. This can include new/different recruits, more gems, or other advantages. The purpose was to make site exploration more enticing and to create enriching experiences for single-player content. However, the mod was not updated in over three years by its original creator Amuys. Because I found a few aspects about the mod that were unappealing, I felt that it could use a little bit of an update. What I have done is adjusted the balance of the mod to be more in line with how they worked in Vanilla. Site rarity was normalized based on the rewards given, as well as the magic path levels needed to find them. As I played, I found that too many sites were freebies and that took away from the fun of exploring. This was also adjusted.

Chocolate Sites Reworked (v. 0.3)
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