Ukrainian version of the mod. In the year 1547 muscovite grand prince Ivan the Terrible took the title of Tsar of the Russia and during the next decade conquered Kazan and Astrakhan. Muscovite Tsardom was isolated from European trade and politics and aspired to get access to the Baltic Sea, this aspects prompted the Tsar to declare war on the Livonian Confederation. Meanwhile, the Crimean Khanate from the south carries devastating raids on the Christian population, killing and taking away captive thousands of people annually. Starosta of Cherkasy, Dmytro Baida Vyshnevetsky managed to fortify the island of Mala Khortytsia on the Dnipro beyond the rapids and started organizing a Cossack army against the Crimean Khanate and turks. Lithuania is going trough a political decay and gradually falls under the influence of Poland. Polish Kingdom and the Ottoman Porta are fighting for the domination in the region and Sweden is ready to expand into the east...

CHiS 1.7
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