Demo-version represents a slice of game, just to give you an idea what it is about. The levels and balance are all work-in-progress. You can’t buy and upgrade weapons and abilities in demo version. Only straightforward action. 2 players co-op is available, so try it. There are 3 levels in the demo. Full version will feature 30 levels in 10 environments. Current balance is a work-in-progress thing. Obviously, we’re building a difficulty curve. So the earliest stages will be quite easy for most of the players. Final stages are pure hardcore. Rating system will play a prominent part in the final product. It is not just some yellow stars and random digits. You have 2 continues per level in this demo. Which is quite generous. Since Chaos Domain is a platformer game, we encourage you to adjust the controls in the Settings menu, so you could feel comfortable. You also can use your gamepad.

Chaos Domain: PC Demo
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