This is the actual tool itself. Feel free to use it to your hearts content. Due to time restrictions I did not get a saving/loading mechanism in the game atm. The tool is for generic character sheets, so have fun! You can access the menu by clicking the button in the upper left of the screen or pressing escape. Left mouse button selects and drags around objects. Right mouse button drags around the screen. The right column of buttons spawns objects. The top most button is a large box. The next 3 are designed for vertical tiling Lines, check boxes, radial buttons. Last but not least a Text object, you can increase/decrease font size via Height and Width. The bottom row of fields and buttons indicates the selected objects info. X & Y coordinate, Width and Height, the order/layer the object is on, the text the object has (if applicable), and you can tile non-text objects vertically and horizontally using the tile buttons.

Cha She Tool
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