Hi guys!This update is before the last one update. I splitted mod's development to the two parts. 1- Changes without module system. 2- Changes with module system. This update is last version of "Part 1". So, there will be no update about troop trees of the kingdoms. "Part 2" will not come like "Part 1" as pieces. It will come as one update. So, wait for a while to last of the this mod. I didn't tell you about this update. Let's start it: -Almost all items's at least one stats has been changed. -All troops's one shield stat value has been changed and some troops's other values. -Vaegirs, Nords, and Swadian's have more balanced, better and more sensible troops. -A troop tree starting with "Barbarian Peasants/Swordsman etc units no longer available, only the barbarian peasants kept. These units changed with new troops. They're simply "Axemen". -A troop tree of Nords starting with " Spear Warband" is no longer recruitable. -Gold gaining from Castles/Villages/Towns options has been changed

Calradia Raises Full Beta Version
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