This little mod enables the SP ladder with ballistic weapons, you have to replace the Xgame.u with the file in the archive, mod coded by Zeon{X}

BW SP ladder
Computica - - 692 comments

This mod just gets better and better...

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DanielKeller - - 79 comments

I know I'm late to the party but only just found this and I'm very pleased. I can skip the bonus pack weapons not being available but one other thing was quite annoying sometimes.
Specifically, land mines not working as intended. Sure, they'd trigger if set to bouncing betty mode but placed flat, they'd never trigger on enemies in team games, as they spawn as if I was on red team, whereas whole SP is based around player being on blue team.

TL;DR - land mines start with default team detection swapped

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Guardian01 - - 4 comments

Nice work. Any chance we can see a version that features Ballistic Loadout?

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asnail - - 10 comments

Does replacing the original Xgame.u with the ballistic one mean that you cant join online servers? And if so, is there a way I can restore my Xgame.u?

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Blade_Sword Author
Blade_Sword - - 626 comments

In first place when you replace Xgame.u make a back up of it.
I believe you may probably find this file in your UT CD/DVD in case you have no backup.
I think there is no problem about online play since this file affects the Unreal tournament Single player campaign only which makes you play with BW instead of UT2004 arsenal

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leehandwave5 - - 200 comments

Really like the mod, but it seems that the wd10 was not in this

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