All you do is build. Now heres the catch, the blocks jump from the ground and fall from the sky. We have 14 Gamemodes for you to try like Invisable where the ground is invisable, Reversed, where the camrea is reversed, Triangles where only triangles Sidestep where the blocks jump from the side, and a brand new one, Sideways where the camera is fliped sideways, and 4 extreme mode that are just 3 gamemodes put together. Not only that but we now have a whole new mode called Crossover where we have other designs on the blocks. And Practice where you can drop as many blocks as you want and still play. also it's not only blocks you have to watch out, for there are also triangle and circles that are going to jump to. now here the thing if 1 block fall over the edge gameover.

Build It Up 1.4
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