London Tourist's dream, Tower Bridge and Big Ben, the crowd of rich children of wealthy parents strolling along the River Thames, London but there is another, it is not visible, it will not be shown on TV, it exists parallel to the rich London. This is the story of an immigrant who came here to study at university, but out of touch with their homeland, left without home and without money. What it will do on the other side of London? Can he climb up or fall to the bottom of the immigrant world ... British Afflict - Large novel about life on the other side of London based on a true story - Map with Google MAPS technology - RPG elements - the mini-games, visit bars, buy clothes, weapons, cars, have fun with the girls - About 6 large real city, and more At the moment, has already carried out a lot of it, and if we get good feedback SKG Art ready to share our pre-alpha to players Thank you SKG Art.

British Afflict Pre-Alpha 0.03
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