v1.1 Additions This is a fairly small update but a lot of work actually. The main addition is weapon icons in the loadout phase and MP kits. Thanks to GRIN_Wolfsong and GRIN_Straha on, I was able to get bitmap icons working for all of my weapons as well as some attachments on the defualt weapons. It’s quite a headache to get all of the attachments working correctly, but it is somewhat satisfiying seeing everything come together. I also did a few minor tweaks here and there to make things more GRAW2-ish. Put my custom Aimpoint on the M14 and had to model a rail mount for it. Some people seemed to really want this, and it is pretty fun to use. Weapons Pack and Various Defaults ·added bitmap icons to loadout phase M4A1 / M16A4 ·tweaked the foregrip stability stats Aimpoint, ACOG, and Leupold MkIV Scope ·added reflections to the lens M14 ·added custom aimpoint and rail mount Multiplayer Kits ·added 4 sniper kits to all modes except RvA ·added 6 demo kits to all modes except...

Brettzies Weapon Pack v1.1 Graw2
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