v3.3 Additions This is a very small update. Nothing really significant. I prefer to release a new weapon with this, but I haven’t had the energy to make one as of late. However, after watching Tears of the Sun, I felt like putting the Handguards on the M4. So, I have updated that model and its attachments. To avoid multi-player problems, I took off the ironsights for the Mk12. I was also able to lower the Aimpoint slightly and still keep the aiming correct. This is a bit more appealing then the “tall” Aimpoint in previous releases. Finally, I made a new ret for the ACOG after seeing some more realistic images of what it is suppose to look like. M4A1 ·added handguards Aimpoint & ACOG ·lowered the Aimpoint as much as possible to be a bit more appealing and realistic ·adjusted the ret for the ACOG to be closer to real life v3.2 Additions Another small update. Mainly just fixing some visual things with the M4. Not really worth realesing on its own, so I added a new pistol to the mix....

Brettzies M4 mod v3.3 Graw
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