v1.1 Additions This is just a small update that adds custom sounds to the M4A1 as opposed to using the ScarL sounds as default. I found some great M4A1 firing and suppressed sounds done by Jeff Moore aka xLongWayHome. He was courteous enough to let me add them to this weapon mod. The sounds he made are excellent in my opinion. Gives the M4 a very angry and loud firing noise. Very satisfying. The suppressed sound is equally nice with a good metallic clink quickly after firing. Thanks to GrimlockCW for suggesting new sounds in the first place, it really makes a difference. I hope you all enjoy it, and thanks again to Jeff Moore for creating such excellent sounds and letting me use them in this mod. v1.0 This mod adds an M4 with all of the standard attachments including: a custom aimpoint, grenade launcher, tactical grip, silencer and ironsights(aiming not correct though). It is mainly a visual enhancement and behaves identical to the ScarL. The meshes are higher then normal for a game,

Brettzies M4 mod v1.1 Graw
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