30 maps suitable for Deathmatch, Singleplayer, or Cooperative. This set is a combination of brand new levels and remixed/demade maps from the authors' previous projects: Don't Be A Bitch Remastered (dbabrm.pk3), Aeon Deathmatch (AeonDM.pk3), Progressive Duel 2 (Progduel2.pk3) and Neon Deathmatch (NeonDM.pk3) which required advanced engines but are now completely vanilla and Unity compatible. It was not an easy task bringing them from UDMF format for Zandronum to vanilla! Although it is primarily a Deathmatch set, it is fully Single Player and Cooperative compatible, with changes in the map layouts to make them more interesting. Additionally, difficulty settings have been thoroughly implemented. Enjoy! Note: Press F1 in game for map authors. Decay did the SP gameplay alterations for all maps except for 04, 07 (Doomkid did these) and 10, 22 (Razgriz did these... mostly..)

Bourgeois Megawad: 30 Maps for Doom II

This is awesome

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DoomKid. Author

Thank you!

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Well that was fun.

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