Fixes and improvements to bot behavior. Also adds /killbots chat command to improve bots by getting rid of them.

Bot Improvements v1.0.0

Makes solo play really helpful when you can instruct bots to pick up things they wouldn't otherwise. Finally have me some book-mules. Also helps to have a bot heal you on command, so you can save whatever is in your Heal Slot.

I have a couple of criticisms:
Suppose Kruber is badly hurt but is carrying a Tome. There's a Healing Draught on the ground. I ping the Draught, but Bardin picks it up, dropping his Tome. Kruber can't heal. I ping the Tome for someone to pick it up. Bardin picks it up, and then instantly drops it again to pick up the Draught because it's a healing item. Kruber can't pick up the Draught to heal himself because Bardin always beats him to the item.
Is there a way to force a PARTICULAR bot to pick up a thing without other bots being greedy, and is there a way to force a bot to KEEP the thing they are holding without instantly dumping it again (unless I ping the fallen thing again, maybe)?

Finally, bots do not seem to relinquish Grimoires that they collect. This is a good thing, but I would like the *option* to have a bot discard their Grimoire. Plans change, and sometimes, that 33%/25% could be helpful, in theory.
Maybe expand it to force a bot to left-click whatever is in a designated equipment slot. I'd like to have everyone buff up when Rat Ogre shows up.
Is this getting a bit complex? Because this is in descending order of things I personally would find useful. Trying to get a bot to pick up and heal is still a hardship. It's like playing Tower of Hanoi, except one of the pegs is magnetised, and it's the wrong peg.

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This makes soloing game Possible, Here i beat chain of fire on CATA with me and bots:

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Great mod!

It's just incredible for when you are still waiting for players at the start of a mission or when a player disconnects, because then you have a bot that is actually reliable as a replacement!

I could not figure out how to 'manually control bot use of healing items', as stated in your description, however.

Sometimes when I ping healing items when all bots already have some, one bot uses theirs and picks up the new one. That didn't work every time though and felt quite inconsistent, so I guess that isn't how I control the bot healing.

Maybe you could add a short note that explains how to use your features?^^'

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