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Feature-packed demo of BOH, including 7 tutorial missions and 2 real missions.

BOH demo (Linux)

Interesting game design and play. However, would you be able to implement mouse aim? Also, why is there a button for switching side-stepping on and off, when the game will not let you use the same buttons for turning and side-stepping?

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saimo Author

Hi FuzzyGhost,

I'm happy you find the game interesting :)

As for mouse aim, no, sorry, I won't implement it, as it would change the gameplay in a way I don't like - the game is inspired to good ol' games also with respect to controls - namely, in this case, to 1-button joysticks. Moreover, the game isn't focused on action (it isn't a shooter, as it might seem at first), so I always try to avoid elements that give the action aspect more importance.

As regards sidestepping, the story goes like this...
Initially, the game did not have it. Not much before the original release, a friend asked me to add it. I did, albeit reluctantly because that would break the 1-button joystick idea mentioned above. Therefore, I chose to limit the amount of additional buttons required to just one and so I added a button that would change the action of the turning buttons to sidestepping. After a while, another friend told me he would find more comfortable to have a dedicated sidestepping button for each direction, instead of having to press the sidestepping activation button in conjunction with the turning keys. Despite I liked the idea of adding two more buttons even less, I found that request more than reasonable, and so I granted it.
Now, I've never been happy with the fact that controls got more complicated than I originally wanted... especially because sidestepping is completely unnecessary! I understand that others might be used to sidestepping, but, really, there is no mission that can't be finished without sidestepping or where sidestepping is crucial.
That's why, at some point, I promised that, the next time I got a comment/request regarding sidestepping and turning at the same time, I would remove sidestepping altogether... and the time has now come! After posting this reply (which will make it to the website FAQs as well), I'll immediately do it. If I'll ever release another update, this change will be part of it.
Sorry if this sounds arrogant.

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saimo Author

Forgot this one more reason for hating sidestepping: it makes creating themes more demanding, as additional sprites have to be created (and they are even among the hardest ones!).

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I tried this game on my ubuntu (I have dual-boot; Win XP on my laptop internal HD and Ubuntu on external HD). Right after I started the game, my Alt GR, Right Ctrl, Left-, Down- and Right arrows and Page Down became disabled and Page Up gives / (The funny part is, that when I view my keyboard layout, it shows that the buttons work just fine). I tried to switch Keyboard layout, but didn't help. I had the same problem before, but have no clue how it was fixed.
Can someone help?

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saimo Author

BOH uses libSDL for input control, so the first suggestion that comes to mind is making sure that the version of the library is correct (1.2) and 100% working - this would explain also why you experienced the same problem in other occasions.

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All I had to do was to type "setxkbmap fi" in console and everything works, but only until I reboot.

Then I have to type it again and again every time I boot to make it work. Hard work, but worth it. (Unless someone knows how to make it automatically to run that command on start up)

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saimo Author

Thanks for sharing your findings!

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