This is a single player mission made by liquidsnake -Known bugs 1. Do not press a button during the cinematics, because it will cause it to end! 2. Cinematics do not include voice acting because I experienced an unusual bug during the process of putting the voice acting in. 3. You'll have to turn up the volume in order to here the voice acting. 4. No pic appears in datalinks because I had to edit the deusex.u file in order to do that or I would have to force you to make a back-up of you portraits texture file. 5. You may experience some slow down because of the map's extreme size. 6. After every phrase in a conversation, you have to press a button in order to hear the next phrase. 7. At the final boss fight you may have to press tab in order to get rid of your weapon. Its a weird bug. 8. To view the credits, you must press a button after Decoy Venom says "The End".

Blood Like Venom
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