Version 1.0, full release of Blameless. A glitch was reported in this version, please download v 1.0.1 instead.

Blameless v1.0 - Windows

Really like the mood of this so far, but I'm stuck just past after I drop out of the attic.
I have in my inventory: a nail, the wallet & a smashed phone.
In the room, useless bolt cutters, a pipe, a pallet jack & I'm meant to get to a crowbar wedged in a beam.

All I seem to be able to do is raise the pallet, then when I pick up the pipe, I get a cog icon on the pallet that tells me I should lower the pallet; when I lower the pallet & pick up the pipe, i still get the cog icon but clicking absolutely everywhere does nothing.
I don't get a cog icon when I'm holding the bolt cutters or the nail, phone or wallet & don't seem to be able to pick up anything else. I don't seem to be able to move the pallet further under the beam regardless of whether the tines are raised or lowered & I can't jump on top.

How is this bit meant to work?

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hudecv Author

Hi gregoaaa,

Thanks for describing the problem this thoroughly. This is a glitch, it's meant to work just the way you expect. To get past this, instead of the metal rod, pickup the wood plank in the corridor you dropped into (facing the locked white door, you should see it on the right-hand-side just before the empty door frame on the right).

Sorry about this, I'll be uploading a fix as quickly as my internet allows.

Thanks for your interest

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