This week brings more content! I hope you like fire. Added a basic Buff system. Why, you ask? Because FIRE! Added a new projectile type: Fireball! Your rifles/shotguns/snipers can now shoot fireballs, which light things on fire for damage over time! Loot Cubes now always drop items! Loot Cubes are now colored by rarity Projectiles now only show up a certain distance away from the player (No more big red circles!) Thanks @Spooderw! Instant Healing Items no longer spend their cooldown if the user doesn’t have enough RAM Loot/HP Notifications scroll about 50% faster Enemies dying as the hack ends no longer zombify. Updates to the Wiki Lots of new content on /r/BlackIce What do you think of the Fireballs?

Black Ice - Version 0.1.660 - Windows
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