This week, I focused on quality of life, useability, and bugfixes. I think you'll like several of these changes. Here's the 0.1.590 patch! Enemy Spawn Time has been increased (more warning before they land) Items now show their cooldown and time remaining on the hotbar Drunk Projectiles has been nerfed - it has less effect, and occurs much less often. Aimbots fire less often, and no enemy should be able to attack you right when it spawns. The options window is now always opaque (and much more readable) When a hack is complete, enemies that are far out of the hack radius will respawn inside of it, which should make them easier to track down and kill. It is no longer possible to hack the same building twice to get infinite XP. Fixed a rounding error in the RAM regeneration calculation Started on a Buff system for later :)

Black Ice - Version 0.1.590 - Windows
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