Enjoy the 0.1.580 patch! Enemies now climb up and over buildings! JETPACKS Hack Multiple Buildings at Once! World Seed - Enter in a seed to get the same map generated every time! (Note: The same seed produces different results on new vs load game, but should be the same on new vs new or load vs load) Building Types - Buildings of the same type (Bio/Tech/Military/Etc) will be close to the same color and will spawn the same sort of enemy waves Thorns (Damage Returned when struck) New Unique Item: Rem's DAM-8350 - A unique Mod with +30% total RAM and other affixes! Sniper rifles use less RAM Teleport items now can teleport you upwards now More Stores Large Popups jump farther Better Affix Coloration / Description Fully Custom A* Pathfinding Acid-spitting enemies are more dangerous now The S.H.A.R.K. will now return home when the player dies Xmas Colors on the week of Dec 21-28

Black Ice - Version 0.1.581 - Mac
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