BIG UPDATE THIS WEEK! Sorry for the hiatus, the holidays took a lot out of me. Ranged enemies now lead their targets effectively. The SHARK is SUPER DANGEROUS now! Added Damage Reduction Affix - Percent damage reduction! It stacks, but with diminishing returns. Enemies now move around using real physics. They have momentum! Enemies are much better at climbing up buildings realistically Enemies will borrow their paths from each other; this should result in flocking. The SHARK now spawns in a visible location, so watch out! Swarm building minions no longer attack each other for 0 damage Loading saves from earlier versions should always work now; item affix scrambling is a thing of the past! Hack range no longer checks the Y axis for any calculation (including for the crosshair) I know you love the SHARK's theme song, but it now stops when he dies. Shotguns now have a maximum accuracy so they always feel like shotguns Health Powerups now give at least 25 HP

Black Ice - Feedback Friday v0.1.630 - Linux
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