THE ONLY GOOD BUG IS A DEAD BUG - and they should all be dead. Changes: Healing Item - hold down the ability to heal slowly over time There is now a 25% Bitcred penalty on death. Spiders can attack people on top of them - but you can still Spider Surf. You can skip the tutorial or set an option so it never appears again. You no longer pick up health powerups when you're at full health. Sprint and Jump now vary more, so you can hunt for the perfect ones. Spawn points are more sensibly located (even if you have tons of hack range) TONS of bug fixes: Stores now spawn enemies Webplayer now fills the screen, even on Firefox Mouse Invert / Sensitivity options now always apply Lasguns now always do damage, and have higher base DPS Enemies can now walk through their parent building Saving and Loading now works properly, even during the Tutorial

Black Ice - Feedback Friday #51 Version - Mac
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