BioMod is a set of gameplay improvements and additions based on the popular Shifter mod for Deus Ex. Features such as pickpocketing, an autosave, Thief style ledge grabbing, and an achievements like challenge system are included, as well as a much easier to manage augmentation system.

BioMod 1.1
aziouk - - 79 comments


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Wardsback - - 1 comments

Time to replay Deus Ex, I guess

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Ariente - - 1 comments

Hellow!! EXCELENT MOD!!! I have a question... fix bug the Lebedev non lethal issue!!!

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Clorf Author
Clorf - - 26 comments

It's fixed. My description of the fix in the changelog was a little vague in an attempt to avoid spoilers, but it's in there.

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Guest - - 698,700 comments

Woah, reinstalling right now. Will play this then Revision when that comes out. Exciting times.

Since this is based on the new shifter version, it'll now be compatible with HDTP release 2, right?

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Clorf Author
Clorf - - 26 comments

I haven't had the time to fully test mod combinations like that, but theoretically there's no reason why it shouldn't work.

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bjorn98009_91 - - 499 comments

Revision incorporates unifiedDX without some things so it's essentially Biomod 1.0.

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