Welcome to Big Circles; a simple time killing game which challenges your reactions in 60 second rounds. Can you beat Insane mode? Simply download, unzip and run! Controls: Arrow keys Aim: Consume smaller circles (Green on radar) - They will increase your health! Avoid larger circles (Red on radar) - They will grow in size as they steal your health! Definitely avoid much larger circles! (Black on radar) - They will kill you. Normal mode: Circles appear grey until they are within your radar range; then you will know the colour. Note that the colour is purely based off size differences so you can estimate which circles are possible targets and which ones are ones to be avoided... This is a skill that might come in handy later! There are two additional hard modes and an insane mode; all of which unlock based on progress. See if you can score over 100 in insane mode. Good luck!

Big Circles
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