This is the new version of Alaska, with loads more stuff added. Such as a bigger population. Advisors. New flags. New oils (New?). Also to everyone. I will be taking a few days break from modding to find myself a job so I can those dank dank moneyz to pay for dank dank memes. So sorry if you want more but I will try to answer you comments if you type them.


idea about focus tree: there should be war goal against canada early one, so we can make alaska great again.

or maybe event that raises manpower(imigrant event maybe)

and at the end of focus tree wargoal against soviets (for the glory!)

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One_MD_Dude Author

Heya, yea I've came up with a few ideas for the tech tree, like demand Attu and a claim on Canada. Also with manpower it most likely won't be changed since it's 3 million manpower in Alaska which is like 3x the population of today Alaska but I will see what I can do to increase Alaska's manpower like refugees from other countries I guess.

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Great mod Bro, i think that you can try put more resources by national focus on Alaska.

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