Version fixes some bugs, introduces a number of new HD sprites and generally smoothes out the last problems. It's now a full release.

Beautiful Doom

Is this mod stand alone? Or does it require the original game to play? Where can I get the original game? Is it on


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Jekyll_Grim_Payne Author

Hi, Eric. You need the original game for it or rather you only need one hf the original wad files, for example doom2.wad to play it (you can also additionally use some other wad which contains additional levels). You can buy the game itself on GoG or Steam.

But like most mods this wouldn't work with regular Doom. You need what is called a source port — a special software designed to make Doom work under Windows and which also adds lots of various features, including new graphical effects and extensive scripting capabilities.

My recommended source port is GZDoom. It's free. The latest version is currently 2.1.1 and is located here: (look at the first post and select either regular or 64-bit version).

To play the game with a source port you simply need to unpack the source port in any folder, then drop doom2.wad in the same folder, and then unpack in the same folder.

My preferable way of starting it after is using command line: "gzdoom -file BDoom_61.pk3", and then a window pops up where you choose Doom 2 or whichever original Doom you got. If you don't like command line, I believe it can be done via dragging and dropping the mod file on the gzdoom.exe file.

I'll write an article soon for people unfamiliar with source ports on how to play it.

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This is well worth the download! :)

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you can make a version in .wad format please ... it's a game on iphone. I already look for mod options but it's not the same.
Thank you.

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