IMPORTANT: Sorry, I had not noticed that the inventory had bugged, i fix this and i re-upload the game a soon as possible. Sorry again. (This is fixed on 04/02/17 at 4h AM UTC). The game is not finished, the return to menu after death is not fonctionnal, press alt + F4 for quit the game if your mouse cursors are not visible. Hold "I" key for show the inventory. The shotgun, m_16 and m_24 are not implemented in invotory system but you can take him and play with this. The towergardien got a ladder but is not completly fonctionnal. 80 - 90% of house are accessible Random spawn object at random position on map. 3 factions, one friendly and two enemis. No spawn enemy or friends No scrypts, 80% ia are in random mod (in test), sick and destroy, discovert, track & escape in reaction of circumstance. 80% enemis got a personnal vision, accurate, speed etc. 20% enemis are in simple patrol mod.

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