World War Two. Axis and allies clash in the greatest conflict of modern times. Millions of men fight and die on foot, at sea and in the air. Its countless battles affect our present more than any other war in history. Battlefield 1942 brings the Second World War to your computer, and lets you fight historical battles in different parts of the world on your computer. A brand new game engine capable of dynamic models and landscapes, ground, sea and air physics, and a fully 3D sound system allows Battlefield 1942 to bring you an unparalleled feeling of immersion. [b]Note:[/b] This is the MULTIPLAYER demo. [file=5002]Click here[/file] to get the SINGLE Player Demo. [b]Tip:[/b] RTFM: Read the readme.txt and don't ask everybody in-game "how do I do this etc." unless you like being called a n00b ;)

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