This is the latest update to the ASYLUMSMOD, still probably not 100% balanced, however I try my best with the time I have. If you have any reports to make, please head on over to my forum section at The installer is a self installer and will know where to install the mod to.


Hey there,
Seems like a great mod and I would love to test it out.
I just downloaded and installed it but I cant pick an allegiance.(Interface seems to be bugged, it has some squares of blue and yellow)
The walk speed is also ridiculously high, I dont know if it is intended to be like this but I just thougt I would ask.

I hope that this could be fixed soon, because I and my friends have been looking for a good Mod for quite some time now.

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asylum101 Author

OK - I fixed the interface bug. Somehow when I zipped the files into the installer I left out the UI textures. (not sure how this happened but, it happened)

Movespeed is very high when you're weaponless, with a weapon its still higher than default TQIT, however it's not as high as weaponless.

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